Dra. Teresa Valor Ivars

PhD student, Research fellowship contract, FPI, Ministerio Educación y Ciencia, BES-2013-065031. CTFC, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Her PhD thesis focuses on the study of the short and medium term effects of prescribed burning on Mediterranean pines. Specifically, we aim to understand the mechanisms driven by fire that affects the primary and secondary metabolism of pine … Llegiu més

Dra. Rut Domènech

Rut is focused on the study of forest fires effects in a wide range of ecosystems such Mediterranean or wetlands. She has been specialized intensively in the study of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in different fire intensities.  She works in the use of techniques to manage forest in order to make the structures more resistant … Llegiu més

Pau Vericat i Grau (Associated member)

Associated member in this unit since 2015. Principal lines of work are research and development of tools for silviculture and forest planning, mainly focussed on Mediterranean forest systems. Current topics: Ecology and site quality of main forest species in Catalonia. Forest types for planning and management: species and site quality-based classification. Multifunctional forest planning based … Llegiu més