Dra. Rut Domènech

Rut is focused on the study of forest fires effects in a wide range of ecosystems such Mediterranean or wetlands. She has been specialized intensively in the study of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in different fire intensities.  She works in the use of techniques to manage forest in order to make the structures more resistant and resilient to the effects of fires. She is also interested in the restoration of ecosystems following repeated wildfires.


2015- Research assistant CTFC (Spain)
2011-12 Postdoc position School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Glasgow University (UK)
2011 PhD in forest fires Center for Technological Risk Studies. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)
2010 Visiting researcher University of Edinburgh (UK)
2005-08 Environmental consultant AdHoc (Spain)
2003-05 Assistant editor Journal Limnetica (Spain)
2003 MSc Biology Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)